YM Homes Inc. is a real estate development company with exceptional interest in urban development in the city of Los Angeles. YM Homes specializes in the entitlement, development, and construction of residential and mixed-use properties, particularly in the Koreatown and Mid-Wilshire area.

As a real estate developer and general contractor, licensed by the California State Board, we strive to design and build a future of smarter and greener living. We place great confidence in our ability to evolve with the most current developmental trends as we exceed our clients’ needs and expectations of their future homes. YM Homes demonstrates great distinction in every phase of construction, working with quality architects, engineers, governmental authorities, and consultants.

We continue to seek and value urban development and project management opportunities as we aim to generate long-term financial and community returns. From design to build, with great knowledge and experience in all phases of development, YM Homes will guide our clients and the community to discover a future of sustainable living.